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By: Glenn Smith | April 29, 1313

A powerful new video produced by a group of University of Texas alumni and advocates urges the Longhorn Nation to fight back against Gov. Rick Perry's efforts to destroy UT. Some of Perry's hand-picked UT regents are doing their best to cheapen the UT education and turn it into something like a business vocational school.


By: James C. Moore | April 16, 1313

Anyone else would be embarrassed about the timing. But not Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Hell, he hardly turned red over his inability to remember three federal agencies. So, why should he be bothered by the awkward juxtaposition of his Texas ad campaign in Illinois launching just as a damning report on the state of his state is released by the Texas Legislative Study Group (TSG)?

Perry, who annoyed Californians briefly with a radio ad trying to lure businesses to Texas, has just published a print appeal to Illinois companies. He brags about how great it is in Texas and urges the Illinois businesses to "get out while they still can" after equating their situation to being in a house afire. Unfortunately, the ad goes up in Chicago just as the "Texas On the Brink" report is issued in...

By: James C. Moore | March 28, 1313

The Texas A&M Aggie graduate governor of Texas is trying to undermine University of Texas athletic programs to gain a political edge.

Read it again. Let it sink in. An Aggie governor is willing to screw with UT sports if it helps him achieve his political goals. He’s probably also getting a few private chuckles out the harm he is causing, too. And it’s pretty easy to prove his intentions.

Just for further political effect, Rick Perry also equated UT’s sports problems with Penn State’s pedophilia crimes.


On Super Bowl weekend, the UT board of regents called an emergency meeting to be conducted telephonically. They were supposedly discussing a four-year-old incident where assistant football coach Major Applewhite had a sexual indiscretion with a...

By: James C. Moore | March 19, 1313

When the legislature under Rick Perry's guidance cut $5.5 billion from public education, they did more than just cost the state almost 11,000 teachers. They forced every public school system in the state to make difficult financial adjustments. That means cutbacks on all programs, including extra-curricular activities. Parents in most schools now have to pay participation fees for most activities, including sports, and still there are cuts to make ends meet. Yes, even football is has taken hits in some districts. And, if the money isn't restored, a big Texas tradition could be endangered.

By: Glenn Smith | March 12, 1313

The powers that be at CPRIT, the cancer research fund that Gov. Rick Perry is using as his slush fund to reward contributors, would like us to forget that it remains under criminal investigation. Texans, though, are outraged that tax money intended to find cures for cancer has been turned into just another crony capitalist wasteland.

Over the last few months, Texas media have uncovered improper grants, grants made without scientific review, grants to Perry contributors, and the resignations of dozens of agency scientists in protest of the crass commercialization of the agency and the crony capitalism.

Back during the 2007 campaign for the constitutional amendment authorizing CPRIT bond funding, former president George H.W. Bush referred to the promise of cancer research....


James Moore

Director, Progress Texas PAC
James Moore is the author of six books including he New York Times bestseller "Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential.” Moore is on political analyst MSNBC and frequent guest on national political news programs. Read more »

Glenn Smith

Glenn Smith

Director, Progress Texas PAC
Glenn Smith has spent the past 30 years in journalism and politics, where he’s made a name for himself as a writer, campaign manager, activist, think tank analyst and, as Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas says, a “legendary political consultant and all-around good guy.” Read more »